Body Types

People are born with one of the three body types as a dominant: mesomorphic (athletic) ectomorphic (prone to thinness) or endomorphic (full-bodied). This somatotype can not be changed and can only be corrected by diet and exercise.

Physical characteristics are largely connected with the type of physique Bar Brothers The System by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic. If typical ectomorph difficult to increase the weight due to muscle even with nourishing diet, the endomorph is rapidly gaining excess fat even with a moderate diet and exercise.

The thickness of the bones is one of the key characteristics of the body type. Ectomorphs have thin bones endomorphs - wide. At the same circumference of the wrist is kept constant regardless of the number dialed fat or muscle mass.

Contact body type men wrist girth (measurement of bone): ectomorph - less than 17 cm, mesomorph - 17-20 cm, endomorph - more than 20 cm. However, we must remember that most people combine the features of several body types.

What is wrong is that people want to look better? bodybuilder is a sculptor of his body, and he takes off all unnecessary leaving only what he likes. And here's sexual orientation was generally attracted by the ears if anyone who wants a beautiful body to sign a homosexual, the good part of bodybuilders will resent!

Remove fat from any specific place can not in principle (if not liposuction).
A drying printsyp in general has not changed: how to reduce the consumption of fast carbohydrates for belly fat and aerobic exercise and rely sufficient protein intake to not burning muscle 0-6 Pack Abs Review.
There is certainly still an option, but it is no longer legitimate, and therefore I will not speak here).